Pre-Saisonathon Macclesfield

A beer trip was always on the cards last night, after all it was SupSaison Eve and where better locally than in the Macclesfield Triangle.

First up to embrace the Saison love is The Macc, where this weekend should you decide to embark upon a Saisonesque adventure you are presented with a cafetiere and a selection of dry hops, herbs and spices with which you can create your very own enfused creation in a quite innovative if primitive hop randle fashion. I chose Nelson Sauvin and Target, at first the hops were muted by the yeasty flavours of my beer selection Saison Dupont, but the bitterness grew as the glass drained with mighty hop burps confirming the experiment works. Absolutely brilliant idea, especially for the budding alchemists out there.

Moving on we hit The Wharf, local CAMRA’s pub of the “Saison” apparently, according to the framed certificate in prominent position.

Here sadly we peaked a little early for Saison but for tonight (Sat 15th Sept) I know Chris has Dark Star & Ilkley Siberia on cask, St Feuillien & Flying Dog Wildeman on keg and some real beauties of all bottle sizes down the cellar. The Wharf is a real hidden gem and was jumping last night with a gravel voiced blues band playing, definitely worth the walk up the enormous hill it resides on.

Last but not least our journey ended with a couple of Summer Wine Breweries finest as the train loomed ever closer, they too have a few Saison specials on the board including the freshly cellared Marble/Darkstar Special, YUM!

I think you’ll agree a Stirling effort from the Macc contingent, if you get chance over the weekend, or today preferably get on down there and sup some Saison.

P.S For lucky Leodensians, the excellent Friends Of Ham launches a season of Saison too today. Not to be missed.