White Stout Night

The Durham Brewery – White Stout Night Weds 8th Feb 2012 – 8:30PM

“White Stout Night” is a social media event dreamed up by the lovely folks at Durham Brewery. The idea is that Twitter and Facebook users who are lucky enough to get a bottle all open their White Stout on or after 8:30 PM on Weds 8th Feb 2012. There are some live tasting events out and about across the country too so check with your local to see if anything is happening near you.

They want drinkers to engage in real-time and virtual conversations online with other drinkers and the folks from the brewery. Twitter is the best tool for this as you will get real-time responses from the brewery and other drinkers. Facebook users can join in too by liking The Durham Brewery and commenting on their wall. Twitterers please use the following hash tags in your Tweets and share your thoughts, tasting notes & comments, this is really important to get involved and make the night a success.

#whitestout #beersay

@filrd (me) @DurhambreweryEl @dbrewersean @durhambrewery

Brewery Notes:

“White Stout is the ultimate beer in our “WhiteRange”. While the word “stout” has come to mean a dark beer, the original meaning was strong and true. Before the porter brewers commandeered the word to mean a stout, or strong, porter it referred to any strong beer. We have rehabilitated and improved the genre. White Stout is a very pale, full-bodied, strong beer. American Columbus hops are used throughout to give massive floral and resinous character. At a strength of 7.2% this is a true stout. Indeed, few modern stouts of any colour are true to the word for strong.”

Check out http://www.durhambrewery.co.uk/ for more beers and the online store.

I’ve not tasted the beer myself yet but have a few bottles to share on the night and hopefully review post the event itself, please visit the blog and comment on the event round-up and how it went for you.


Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers 🙂