Focus On: Craft Beer Blogs

I had a note from Nick over at The Beer Prole earlier this week, alerting me to this cracking little review of beer blogs that have a leaning towards beer and in particular ‘craft beer”.

“Focus On: Craft Beer Blogs: Each day, we discover bloggers on exploring different passions and interests, immersed in unique industries, fields, and worlds. At The Daily Post, we’ll highlight more of these niche blogs and the various communities within We hope these spotlights introduce you to new communities and ideas, and inspire you to find—and create—your own cozy corner in the blogging world.

First up? Craft beer

Written by Cheri Lucas a writer who I believe resides in San Francisco, it gives a snapshot of blogs and bloggers from both here and abroad. What impressed me most (apart from being included in such esteemed company), was the amount of UK based bloggers that were featured, definitely a pat on the back for BeerGeeks.UK.

It’s worth checking out, as I’ve found a few new good reads to follow by checking out the links. So what you waiting for, click the link below and have a butchers.

Focus On: Craft Beer Blogs.

Cheri’s own blog Writing Through The Fog is worth checking out too, covering a wide range of topics (not just beer) it has some amazing photography, my faves being the Street Art Sections.