Sweet Treats and Beer

For anyone lucky enough to be in the Leeds area on February 6th check this out. Local beer and food matching guru Leigh and beer writing aficionado Zac Avery have joined forces to run the first of a series of beer and food pairing events at BeerRitz, itself a beer lovers paradise. Check Zac or Leigh’s blog for details below:

Sweet Treats & Beer, Brooklyn Invasion and We All Love Beer And We All Love Beer

There is a reason for posting this apart from the fact that Leigh and Zac are both great guys AND you don’t really need a reason to visit Beerritz. I’d like to get a few events like this going in the Stoke/Cheshire areas and wanted to get a feel for the number of folks that would be interested?

2 thoughts on “Sweet Treats and Beer

  1. No problem Leigh, sadly the response was as expected, a fresh approach is required methinks? 😉

    Good luck with yours btw

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