Macc To Basics in Pictures

As has become customary over the last few years, rather than writing anything up; I’m posting a few pictures taken over the course of the day; plus a few tweets from the #MaccToBasics hashtag.

To summarise, probably the most laid back of the three Twissups in Macclesfield so far, but still a good crowd of around 50 people at its height; and very enjoyable. Maybe we can liven things up a bit next year, just maybe…


Getting some practice in…


Sun trap in The Wharf beer garden


Cellar aged beverages being served at The Wharf


RedWillow Brewhouse


Rob doing what I didn’t do much of, TWEET!


Freedom Olly in full flow


Molly, flipping Frosty’s burgers


Youngest twissuper ever, currently awaiting adjudication…


What I like to see, a good meat to bun ratio..


intense concentration..


Three amigos


Marble Stu, undertaking quality control procedures


Mmmmmmm, Great North “Breakfast Pie” at The Treacle Tap

Thanks again to all involved in making this happen; especially those who gave up their time to work, and the good folk that came along to enjoy the day.

Cheers all! 🍺

5 thoughts on “Macc To Basics in Pictures

  1. Looks great – please try and not clash it with Ghent Beer Fest next year. Please? I mean, I don’t want to beg but….please?

    • I’ll definitely try John, the beery calendar is so congested these days (which is good) apart from date clashes, which is bad..

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