The Session 65: So lonely…

This months edition of The Session is hosted by Nate of Booze, Beats and Bites. Nate likes to drink socially as we all do, but asks the questions, am I weird for going to the pub alone, how do you feel about going to the pub alone and do you feel it’s necessary to be around friends to spend time in a pub?

First off I don’t think it’s weird at all, I know loads of people who do it often and even do it purposely by going to either places they don’t know or to the quieter areas of the places they do.

Personally though I’m not a fan, I will do it and think nothing of wandering around strange cities trying to find a decent beer, but I generally don’t really enjoy the solitude it brings.

When I’m out on the pop I’m much more of a social animal, I feed off conversation and seek company wherever possible, beer of course helps with this being the perfect social lubricant. Beer of various sorts has helped humans communicate down the ages, long before Twitter, Facebook and t’interweb were even a spark in the mind of the most forward thinking science fictioneers.

Not that I like rowdy noisy pubs, more of a happy medium suits me perfectly in a pub with a welcoming buzz. Good beer of course, friendly staff and good conversation too.

Somewhere I can make jokes and poke fun at that slightly odd person who always sits alone in the corner, scribbling down beer notes…


5 thoughts on “The Session 65: So lonely…

  1. I googled “out on the pop” and all I could find was: “What does it mean when my veins pop out”. I am guessing that’s something different. 🙂

    Nice post.

    • Haha, I really should stop using local or (UK) slang in my posts, it’s easy to think everyone just gets it, but then forget about you folks across the Ocean.

      “On the pop” means out drinking, or out on the beer, although to complicate matters furthe, pop, in the context of this meaning actually means something like a soda, or a soft fizzy drink like Coke or Lemonade..

      I think I just confused myself 😉


      • Don’t conform! I love regional/local slang and idioms. I’m not sure why, I guess it’s from living so many different places in the U.S. I even brought home “pear-shaped” from my year in London, which still has occasion to come out.

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