Moeder Lambic

In stark contrast to my post a few days ago about the Delirium Village, I found a new favourite place to drink beer in Brussels on this visit, the sister bar of ‘Meoder Lambic Original“, Moeder Lambic Fontainas.

We had a bit of a shock when first looking for this bar, looking on maps it looked a good mile or so outside of the centre, however this was directing us towards the original (one for another visit) and we were extremely happy to see Fontainas was only a short stroll from The Grande Place.

The inside comes across as being a bit of up market chic and I suppose it is when compared to other older bars in the city, clean lines, exposed brickwork, mood lighting and a stunning bar. But it’s also very cosy, warm and welcoming too, helpful friendly staff buzzing around and attending to your beery needs.

The outside space is really cool too, with loads of shaded tables clustered together on the pavement outside, the view isn’t brilliant as it’s on a square quite near a busy road but who needs a view any further than this?
We spent a good few happy hours exploring the guest beer and bottle lists in a lovely relaxing atmosphere, not a boring at all with a happy gentle buzz of people enjoying beers in the evening sunshine, but a world away from the football factory mayhem of the Delirium Village. We didn’t have any food here although the menu looked fine, plenty of cheese and meat snacky dishes if memory serves perfect for an evening of beer exploration.
For the record the two beers I really enjoyed most here if available when you visit were my first taste of Tilquin Gueuze which was surprisingly palatable for someone who normally struggles with the style (I think I’m getting a taste for it) and Brewfist Spaceman, a really fresh hoppy IPA which I’m amazed is getting poor reviews from the bottle, hopefully they will sort that out soon.
Moeder Lambic’s logo has the strap-line “Beer Is The Answer” and it couldn’t be more right, a new firm favourite must visit bar for anyone on the Brussels beer trail, address details of both bars are below, let me know what you think.
8 place Fontainas, 1000 Bruxelles
Tel.: 32 2 503 60 68
Lu,Ma,Me,Je,Di : 11:00 > 01:00
Ve,Sa : 11:00 > 02:00
68 rue de Savoie, 1060 Bruxelles
Tel.: 32 2 544 16 99
Lu,Ma,Me,Je,Ve,Sa,Di : 16:00 > 03:00

13 thoughts on “Moeder Lambic

  1. Big fan of this place – along with the Poechenellekelder it is one of my top three Brussels bars. The other was the Monk but it’s just gone and shut.

      • It was (is, hopefully, as it might reopen I hear) at 42 Rue Sainte-Catherine. Not the biggest beer list (but plenty of De Ranke and De La Senne among others so that’s good enough for me) but very characterful with two big panelled art deco rooms. I’m also a big fan of L’Imaige Nostre Dame, one of the “alleyway” bars this has a reals locals feels plus a small but perfectly enjoyable beer list.

      • Great story. I walked into one of my friend’s bars the other evening and the owner said “I got a great tip for you for your Belgium trip. I had a couple customers rave about it. It’s called….something M Lambic.” I replied, “Moeder Lambic?” She goes “Yes!” Too funny.

        Well, I’ll be staying in Antwerp for the majority of the time. I’m going to Rodenbach, Boon, and Chimay. Those are confirmed. But I do want a day or so in Brussels. I want to hit Cantillon, Morte Subite, and now, Moeder. We’re also planning on Bruges and Ghent stops as well.

        • Haha brilliant, I hope you mentioned me 😉

          Sounds like an epic trip you have planned, we attempted Rodenbach (I posted about that today) and failed.. Mort Subite is one of my most favourite places ever, nothing fancy as such but a stunning place and really interesting.

          I’ve done quite a few posts in the past on Brugge and Brussels so have a mooch around, I’ll be covering a few new Brugge places in the next week or so too.

          Have you been to Westvleteren and St Bernardus we stayed at the latter on our trip, it was brilliant.

          Have a great trip

          • I have connections that are getting me setup at all the breweries I listed. My hosts in Antwerp have set up a Westvleteren run for us. I’m super excited about it.

            I’ll definitely look through your blog some more. Get some good tips!

    • Me too Natalie, I love places like this, especially when the weather allows sitting outside watching the world go by. Cheers

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