Macc Twissup itinerary #Twissupdate 8

Twissup is nearly upon us and bar a few last-minute set up arrangements, everything “seems” to be in place (crosses everything), so I thought a bit of an itinerary and directions might be a good idea.

Isosc map Jpg

As you can see from the map above, it’s all pretty straightforward on the directions front and none of the venues is more than ten minutes walk from another and probably less.

11am – 12:45 pm Treacle Tap

The first point of call is the Treacle Tap which is about three minutes easy walk from the railway station. Although not plain on the map itself, simply exit the station (there is only one exit) turn left and walk down the drop off ramp to Sunderland Street, The Treacle Tap is approximately 500 metres up the road on the right hand side.

At the Treacle we have Great North Pies delicious sounding breakfast pies and hopefully their creator in attendance, chef Neil Broadhurst. Washed down with among other things Marble Earl Grey IPA. We also have our first beer exclusive with the fabulously sounding Bondi Blues from Cheshire Brewhouse.

As a last-minute addition I’ve literally just heard the Summer Wine Brewery’s “Devil Loves Chinook” arrived last night to complete the keg line up. 🙂

There will be more beer available of course on cask and keg, plus an extensive bottle list including your chance to grab your very own bottle of Red Willow Tilting Ale, brewed for Virgin Trains.

13:00 – 15:00 (15:15-ish) RedWillow Brewery

Next up the brewery visit to RedWillow, here we will sample another brand new beer brewed for Twissup, Shapeless, a continuously hopped IPA, Witless 3, Faithless G&T Saison and perhaps more dependant on demand and numbers. If all goes well you will be able to meet Michelle from OffBeat and Brian from Bitches Brewing too, both of whom were involved in collaboratively brewing two of the beers on offer. To feed your hunger we should have pulled pork fed on RedWillow grain and marinaded in RedWillow beers.

Brewery tours will be available on a staggered basis, again dependant on numbers and demand.

The leaving time has been stretched here slightly to allow the next venue to clear thirsty beer drinkers from their bar as we move on.

15:00 – 16:50 The Macc

At The Macc we will see our third brewery launch of the day with the fabulous Weird Beard and Elusive Brewing collaboration Nelson Saison. All being well both Greg and Andy from each respective brewery will be onsite to tell you a little about the beer and how it came about etc. One not to be missed

Other highlights include Magic Rock/Kissmeyer Salty Kiss and Oakhams Eugene’s Lair.

The Macc has enough cask and keg lines to quench your thirst whatever your dispense preference and a great bottle selection including some 750 sharing bottles. Food too if you’ve room and get the munchies.

17:00-15 – 19:30 The Wharf

Finally we wind our way towards our last scheduled stop of the day (the timings may be a little out by then hence the extra noted), The Wharf, recently voted Cheshire CAMRA Pub of the Year 2013.

Here we have yet another exclusive beer launch for your pleasure, the Bitches Brewing Co & Black Jack Beers “Isosceles IPA“. Again it’s hoped that the brewers will be around if commitments allow, if not I will be and I helped to brew this one too. 🙂

Chris has also lined up a very special cask of Marble Old Manchester, plus no doubt another fine beer selection on the cask and keg lines (including Tiny Rebel Urban IPA) one of which will be on the hop rocket.


Map plain ArialOf course as normal on such occasions there is no requirement to follow the crowd for the entire day, although clearly that’s the idea, but if that’s not your bag and the venue in question is rammed feel free to move around. All I’d ask is that you please make an effort to visit each participating venue as everyone has put a lot of effort into making this day happen.

One word of warning though on that front, clearly the brewery time is fixed so don’t miss that, and if you do move around, be aware that any launch beers may not be on until somewhere near to the stated times.

Links to both of the map and directions sheets pictured are below (hope they work) both of which should print very well on A4 on a good quality print setting. They will available printed too from The Treacle Tap (assuming I remember to print and take them) as will be the local CAMRA leaflets which detail other pubs in the area of note, should you want to venture further afield.

Map arial

Project Isosceles – Map rev1

Should you need a hotel, there is a Travelodge 200 metres from the train station for cheap n cheerful accommodation:  Travelodge Macclesfield Central

Firsty Friday at Offbeat Brewery

0a747baf-68b3-4f21-bf54-815aae5ba18dFirsty Friday, what’s that all about?

Well, from my perspective it’s a chance to support a local brewery trying something a little bit different, not just in terms of innovative brewing, but actually opening the doors and meeting customers head on. There’s no big guided tour, more a come on down and try some you might like it approach.

Basically it’s a chance to try some great beer as fresh as fresh can be, reasonably priced and if you’re lucky, served to you by Michelle (the Brewster pictured stage left) herself.

So why Firsty Friday you ask in a suitably puzzled fashion?

OK, I’ll explain. The event happens at OffBeat Brewery once a month on the First Friday of each month and hopefully as a willing participant on arrival you’ll be (F)thirsty, get it?

Firsty-Friday, simples.

473524_10151180802543479_1141243468_oSo far to my shame, I’ve only managed to attend the one session, this was on a cold December (Friday) night last year, funnily enough the first Friday of the month (I think you get the picture).

The place was heaving with folks spilling out of the two smallish rooms to the forecourt which was cloaked a haze of wood smoke from the brightly burning brazier folks gathered around for warmth. My god it was cold too, but hardly noticeable as the company was warm, the beers were flowing and the barbecued burgers and sausages helped give essential internal winter fuel.


Firsty Friday is back next month after a short and probably wise winter break. Friday 1st of March 2013 is the date, stick in your diary and hopefully I’ll see you there. Address details are attached below.

7447fb35-6b3f-4530-8de4-29770ab7ce29Note: If the weather stays the way it is now, dig out those thermals, you’ll probably need em.

Offbeat Brewery Ltd
Unit 6 Thomas Street
United Kingdom

Weird Whisky Mac

WhiskyMacI can remember drinking versions of Whisky Mac almost from early childhood, we always had Stones Ginger Wine in at Christmas and of course the odd bottle of blended Scotch (no chance of single malt in those days for us) and as I had the odd experiment, (as you do), whisky and ginger seemed perfect partners.
I seem to recall it being a big hit with my brother, in fact when I mentioned this to him recently, he actually asked me to bring him a bottle. I left open-mouthed and in somewhat of a daze as he is a dedicated drinker of Carling Extra Cold and him wanting to try beer of any other kind is something unheard of, rare as rocking horse shit no less…
Anyways enough reminiscing, getting up to date, I love a good ginger beer but sadly rarely ever get one. The stuff in the supermarkets is generally utter dross unless you are lucky enough to stumble across Robinsons Ginger Tom, sweet syrupy ginger alcopop is probably a more fitting description for most. So when I heard that Michelle at OffBeat had crafted a new ginger beer called “Unhinged Ginger” if course I was interested. When I heard she’d barrel aged some in Glenfarclas casks I was EXTREMELY interested.
IMG_5219It was then I had my first stroke of luck, the last cask of it was shipped to my local pub. It was delicious, in fact I recall the cellar-man texting me as he tapped it, goading me as I had to wait another day.
The second stroke of luck came I’m the form of my first visit to Firsty Friday, OffBeats monthly open session. There on the shelves were bottles, bottles and more bottles, something quite new to the brewery and among them Weird Whisky Mac, I made purchases with great haste..
I’ve tried a few at home now and actually think it suits the bottle, it’s probably a serving temperature/carbonation so maybe it would work on keg to, especially in the summer months. On the first sniff of the glass you get the briefest hint of honey followed by soft whisky notes. This is quickly replaced by aromas of freshly chopped ginger root.
After such a big ginger thwomp up the hooter your senses tell you this is going to be hot, harsh even, but it’s not. It’s actually cool, spritzy and refreshing, in fact you could be forgiven for even being slightly disappointed, this is a 6.1%abv beer but drinks like a low strength session pale. Do not be fooled though, this is a wolf in a big Scottish ginger sheeps fleecy coat.
That cool fresh drinkablity remains throughout, but as you drink warm ginger flavours begin to creep back up from deep within your belly, hitting the back of the throat and spreading across the tongue like a liquid tartan electric blanket, all the time without any cloying sweetness, it’s quite dry and bitter, just as it should be.
Och aye!